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“Sarah MacDonald has been the most influential teacher I have had. I have worked with her for over nine years, from the very beginning of my flute journey up until now. At every step along the way I have always been challenged by the material, but her ability to meet me where I am, at all my skill levels throughout the last decade, is amazing. She always teaches in a very intentional way, explaining what needs to be done and why. The exercises we work on provide a foundation that can always be built upon, giving enough challenge in the moment, with the ability to add complexity and difficulty as your skill progresses. Creating practicing plans with Sarah has kept me motivated and on track, figuring out the steps that need to be taken in the moment to ensure I am properly prepared for where I am going. I have always enjoyed the balance of technique and musicality that Sarah provides, ensuring that we don’t leave a lesson without focusing on aspects of both. Sarah also, perhaps most importantly, makes lessons incredibly enjoyable at the same time as effective, and I leave lessons feeling fully ready and motivated to go continue to practice what she has taught me.“

- Tirzah Kelman

“ I worked with Sarah MacDonald for four years in preparation of university auditions. While she challenged me to push past my comfort zone and improve my skills, she is supportive and invested in the success of her students. She encourages practice in the mental aspects of flute as well as the physical, which is an important area some teachers ignore. I often struggled with self doubt and perfectionism, and it was influencing my practice. Her focus on keeping the process neutral and guidance towards keeping a balanced life is a big part of my ability to succeed today. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their flute playing.”

- Tesia R.

“I studied with Sarah MacDonald when I reached grade 5 RCM in flute. Before meeting Sarah, I had a couple of excellent flute teachers, but most of my musical achievements came after I met Sarah. Her musical interpretation, along with impeccable technique, is a perfect balance for music students of all levels. Although I did not choose to pursue flute as a profession and settled with engineering instead, I can without a doubt say that Sarah has left a huge positive impact in my life. Thank you for giving me the gift of music, and for pushing me to accomplish all the achievements I would’ve never dreamed possible.”

- Brendan Pan

“I’ve had lessons with Sarah MacDonald for a long time. It started with short lessons at a summer camp and then lessons in university with her. She is very knowledgeable about different approaches and different genres of flute playing. Even with short lessons at summer camps she helped tremendously with how to perform and how to not let nerves get to you. She helps you see why things work and why they don’t while listening to your choice. She encourages you always to do your best. I would highly recommend taking lessons with her.”

- Kaylee Woods

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